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The inaugural BODY and PLACE funded residencies aim to reframe the drawing of the body within unusual contexts outside the confines of the life room.  Drawing and mark making is a recognised way to access and unleash the creative process. As it falls out of favour in art schools and in the art curriculum generally, we invite artists across generations to rethink drawing the body as an essential and key part of their artistic practice. 

We aim to reinvigorate the drawing of the body by placing it within three distinct contexts:


1. HISTORIC: the collections of Old Master drawings held at the British Museum, Courtauld Institute of Art and the Royal Collection in Windsor;


2. LANDSCAPE: the hills, lake, woodlands and interiors of an historic Arts and Crafts house and its collection at Owlpen Manor, Gloucestershire;


3. ARCHITECTURE: the unique architectural environment and experience that is Walmer Yard W11;

Experimental workshops are being held for up 10 professional artists for each of the three residencies by passionate and well-respected drawing practitioners with many decades of experience of teaching, seeing and working with the model.  They are: Jo Volley of the Slade School of Art who leads the Historic residencies; Martin Morris of Kingston School of Art who leads the 4-day residency at Owlpen Manor and Rebecca Cartwright of the Royal College of Art for the Architecture residency. 

Participating artists practise in the fields of sculpture, drawing, architecture, painting and related disciplines, with an emphasis on sculpture. The hope is that for many participants, life drawing will be outside their normal practice and their comfort zone and that the residencies will open new artistic avenues. 

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