All residencies are open to professional artists of any age working in any discipline, with a preference for sculptors.  A range of experience and disciplines is sought for each residency. 

A miniumum of 2 years in professional practice post completion of education (where relevant) is required.  There is no maximum years of professional experience required and a cross-generational mix of participants is sought. 

Please note:  

  • Historic residencies are only open to artists living and working in the UK as accommodation is not provided.  

  • The Landscape residency is open to artists living and working anywhere in the world.  

  • The Architecture residency is open to artists living and working anywhere in the world.  

Please note that ALL workshops and will be conducted in English and a high level of fluency is therefore required from any international applicants.  

We are not able to cover: artists’ travel whether to and from the residencies or within London.  International artists will be required to pay for their own travel to and from the residency locations.  For the residential Landscape and Architecture residencies, theCoLAB will cover accommodation and subsistence. For the Historic residency, theCoLAB will contribute to subsistence. 

Images of past work must include a majority of drawings although not necessarily of the body, to include architectural and exploratory drawings. Drawing does not need to form the major part of the applicant’s practice.