2014 finalists / Pablo de Laborde Lascaris

Lascaris’s practice aims to build a subtle conversation between performance and sculpture, by blurring the boundary between the static quality of sculpture and the narrative character of video. His work revolves around a succession of playful studies, which build upon the associations between the unpredictable nature of the objects he uses and the method of animating them. By taking primordial artefacts or games and toys and altering their mechanisation and form, he changes their functionality and questions their practicality. His work is increasingly concerned with themes of impermanence and uncertainty in everyday life, which he addresses through performance.

Pablo de Laborde Lascaris (b.Mexico City 1985) obtained a First Class Honours in his BA (Hons) in Fine Art from University College Falmouth.  He has recently received the International Emerging Artist Award and the Royal British Society of Sculptors’ Bursary Award and undertaken a residency at Christ’s Hospital, Horsham.  He lives and works in London. 


Curriculum Vitae


2008 - 2011 | First Class BA (Hons)Fine Art, University College Falmouth, Falmouth


2013 | Pitch, Solo Show, Galerie Gourvennec Ogor, Marseille, FR
2013 | Tide, Solo Show, Christ’s Hospital, Horsham, UK
2013 | International Emerging Artist Award
2013 | FN Designs Gallery, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, AE
2013 | VP Gallery, Singapore, MY
2013 | Plan.Open, Super Scale, Arbeit Gallery, Islington, London, UK
2012 | Bursary Award 2012, Royal British Society of Sculptors, South Kensington, London
2012 | Back and Forth, Solo Show, Christ’s Hospital, Horsham, West Sussex, UK
2012 | Household Festival, Ava Avenue, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK
2011 | Conjunction, Kentish Town Health Centre, London
2011 | UK Breakfast Exhibition, The Rag Factory, Brick Lane, London
2011 | UK Degree Show, University College Falmouth, Falmouth, UK
2010 | 2nd Group Show, The Poly, Falmouth, UK
2010 | Millennium Collection, Galeria Jean Luis Silve, Valle de Bravo, MX

2009 | Art on the Edge, British Art Medal Society, Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro, UK
2009 | British Art Medal Society, British Museum, London, UK
2009 | Elastic Bang, Wellington Terrace, Falmouth, UK
2008 | Id Ego Superego, Ecole de Communication Visuelle, Paris, FR
2006 | Pensamientos Para el Futuro, Edificio Teopan, Historic Center, Mexico City, MX

Awards, Grants & Residencies

2011 - 2013 | Artist-in-Residence, Christ's Hospital school, Horsham, UK
2013 | Winner, International Emerging Artist Award
2012 | Bursary Award, Royal British Society of Sculptors Bursary
2009 | Second Prize, British Art Medal Society, Student Medal Competition

Projects & Experience

2012 | Co-ordinator, Tin Collective. Artist led cooperative representing a spectrum of graduates from University College set up to exchange and build new dialogues between its artists, establishing collaborations, exhibitions, and events.
2009 | Co-ordinator, Breakfast Exhibition, The Rag Factory, Brick Lane, London
2006 | Co-ordinator, Thoughts for the future, Teopan, Mexico City Historic Centre


2009 | British Art Medal Society, edition of fourteen medals, two of which went to the
2009 | British Museum and the V&A.